Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is my first entry on blogspot. If I like this better and it's easier to navigate I'll be moving Bob's blog here. I'm getting sick of Word Press and the crap it keeps dishing out to me.
So, I'm off to play with things and see how easy blogspot is to navigate and work with.
Oh, before I go any further a bit of an explantion for the name Silly Mustang Judy. I got it on a Yahoo quilting group I belong to. They've found my adventures with Bob to be very entertaining. So much so, that I earned the nickname Silly Mustang Judy. I call myself that here in honour of them, a great bunch of quilters whom I've been able to turn to for a good half dozen years now.
In the meantime Bob's continuing adventures are documented at
I can't figure out to list it in my blogs on my profile here.