Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Feel Useless

OK, I'm already having trouble with Blogspot. The trouble is.... I don't know what I'm doing! I can add gagets so I tried a couple. I added subscribe, whatever that is??? I'm hoping it means that you click on that to subscribe to my blog so that whnever there's a new post you'll be notified so you can read it if you're so inclined.

I went to my profile to add my WordPress url for Bob's ongoing blog as well as the new additions. Hmmmm I couldn't add it, yet this blog was added automatically, as if it was worth reading?

Finally, it wouldn't bother me int he least to move everything from WordPress to here. IF I knew how to do that. Surely I don't have to copy and paste each and every blog entry? Do I?

That would take at least a month of Sundays and I already know I just don't have that kind of time or patience! Many of my enties weren't written in Word first so there's no copy of them on my computer. Mainly all the early entries. I just jumped into WordPress and went for it. I have been slowly copying them and pasting them into a Word document so that I have that back up just in case. That's how I already know I won't have the time nor patience to do it in order to move my blog here. Been there done it already and still not finished!

Now to test the add image functions of this. It's got to be easier than WordPress was.
Ok, that went not bad. I had the curser set at the end of that last sentence but the image ended up at the beginning of the entry and on the left side. I had to move it to it's current location. At least I could move it! In WordPress if I move it I lose the caption or lose a whole lot of other things including my typing, so this is better..

Anyway, this is a pic of me and Bob while I'm wearing my Bob shirt. I haven't posted any pictures of the Bob shirt since I got them. Lazy, forgetful, pre-occupied are three good reasons I can immediately come up with for not posting about the shirts before now. I will continue to play around here while blogging over "there" until I can figure out how to either marry the two or move all those other entries over to here. A Fairy Blogmother is what I need!

By the way... I thought I gave myself the display name of Silly Mustang Judy, but I don't see it anywhere so I guess I didn't need to write an explanation of it after all. *sigh*

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