Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Rant

Again, it has been quite some time since I last "blogged". For the most part I decided that people didn't need to know every little thing about me, my horses and what we do. Being back home and not working with the adoption program left me with little to say. I didn't and don't want to publicize my health issues (the reason for returning to Canada), so I just haven't said much of anything...
I recently stumbled across a Face Book page and it has me pissed. I've never been one to hide information and if I have something to say, I say it, AND I've never been afraid to name names because the truth always wins out in the end.

That said, I got a name for ya'll, if anyone out there actually bothers to check in with my bog anymor that is!

Mendy McEwen
This big heifer created a page on Facebook for Johnny. She stole pictures from this blog and added her comments to them, more or less calling me a liar in regards to what happened with Johnny's eye injury. I assume that she also really didn't read my full account of things or (I hope) she wouldn't have been stupid enough to make her own statement:
"My injury. Mom won't say what she says happened on here due to her blog postings where she sites "looking into liability" for some other person because of an "aggressive mare". Hey dipsquat, you cannot sue someone because a horse is aggressive. It's your responsibility to manage the animals in your care and if you knew the horse was aggressive, isolate it. DUH!!!
Feb 28, 2010"

Obviously, she didn't read that I rented this pasture, which means it's mine and not available for the landlord to dump a couple horses in with mine, which is what the guy did. Therein lies the liability factor. In case Mendy comes back to check for more pictures, maybe she'll get a lesson in law...

I doubt it with someone like her. As they say, a good offence is the best defence and Mendy is using this saying to her advantage. She's got it in for me, has a hate on, or whatever her problem is that she feels she has to attack me is beyond me. Frankly I don't give a rat's ass what she might think of me. I know what I think of her and her dealer type practices when it comes to horses. I've kept my mouth shut for almost 4 years about her bullshit to get rid of a horse, which I was stupid enough to take on. Jack, the Kiger was free to good home. I still have the email where she posted to a yahoo group an update on several of her horses, being very positive about Jack. WRONG!
After getting him from her we discovered that he likes to stomp on your foot and then take off to the right. He is very good at this and getting loose from his handler. Mendy did say that he does this (jerks away, not the stomping) with some of the kids but is very respectful of her. I personally think she never would have mentioned this little trait of his if he hadn't done it while we were there to pick him up in June 07. January 08 I run into her and she doesn't even remember me until I mention Jack. "Oh Bolter Jack" she says and runs off, too busy to give me the time of day. I'm left thinking "Bolter Jack???" What else hasn't she told me about his damn horse? Fast forward to 2009. I gave Jack to my brother in-law as he was very friendly with the wife and daughter over the fence and they "loved him". All was fine until daughter tried riding or leading him anywhere. The horse put her and another girl in the hospital with his  antics in the fall of 09. In the meantime, Wendy gets wind of the horse being at my brother in-laws (reading my blog?)and demands him back... almost a year and half later, by way of a threatening and rude phone call at about 7 AM in the morning. WTF? At the time of pick up, once the horse was on the trailer and we were ready to leave, Mendy did say something about first right of refusal. I asked Jack's owner about this and was told not to worry about it as she was fully aware that I took Jack on to add to his training and rehome him, I never had any deliberate intention of keeping him. Anyway... my response to Mendy's demand in the fall of 09 is where the bitterness on her part comes in I believe. The owner was upset with me for letting a comment she'd made slip. OOPS. Some things slip out and personally I didn't see it as an issue but she did. We're not friends anymore... and this is what I believe led to the phone call from Mendy.
My response? Sure, you can have him back, once you pay the bill for care, worming, farrier, and training for the past however many months is was. Never heard back from her...

Ok, there's the history. Now back to Johnny.
Here are other comments Mendy made on the facebook page, under my pictures that she uses without my permission:

Another view of it.....anyone can tell it's been injured beyond repair..........supposedly this was when I got home from the vet with a tube of antibiotics. This pic makes mom mad because she doesnt see any signs of the eye flushing or washing of it a vet probably would have done (since she has 2 blind horses & one with cancer in the eye that was removed she MIGHT know a bit about it) To her it appears there's "eye gunk" that would have been removed and probably not oozed out in a trailer ride home. Hmmmmmm
Note the use of "supposedly" and the further questioning of the vet, the trip to the vet and  well everything pretty much.
Just for you Mendy since you either didn't read the whole post or chose not to report it accurately in your comments, the vet is Dr Dana Gillig, Sedalia Veterinary Center (660) 826-2285. You could call there now, almost 3 years later and I'm sure they will still remember since it was a unique visit, paid for by the BLM and approved by Karen Malloy herself. Call Karen too while you're doing this real research, if you're so inclined. I doubt you will because you like to offer Johnny up as the poor, abused horse you rescued fromthe adopter who didn't want him

What a hypocritical piece of shit you are! Trying to smear someone else you don't even have the guts to name with your lame ass veiled accusations.

Next comment she makes:
This is me with another wild mustang in my previous home. This was after my injury. I don't think I look "worthless" and "unadoptable" Do you??

Mendy refers to Bailey as "another wild mustang". Remember these pictures are all on my blog so feel free to check... Is there a brand on her neck? NO! Where does this big heifer get the notion in her head that Bailey is a mustang, never mind a wild one? This is a very excellent example of what some people with vivid immaginations or poor judgement can do with a picture.

Also, neither Ron nor I have ever mentioned Johnny as worthless or unadoptable. I did say (you can check the blog) that I worried that the BLM would term him as unadoptable, which they did not! AFTER this injury Ron went ahead and adopted Johnny because my 90 days was more than up with him as a foster horse and the BLM had requested he be returned. I still think it was a nice thing for Ron to do, and Mendy has taken that nice act and turned into a tabloid worthy story of abuse, uncaring people and worse. Ron wanted to rename him Blue. He was Johnny from Day 1 back in March 09 when I picked him up at the Humansville adoption. He was named after his adopter, who later decided to go with another horse I'd picked up, but Johnny's name never changed despite Mendy's comments to the contrary - again taking what was said and twisting it for her own benefit.

Now here's the personal part in all this....
It wasn't because I didn't care,
It wasn't because Ron didn't care,
It wasn't because Johnny was worthless,
It wasn't because Johnny was blind in one eye,
It wasn't because we didn't want him,

Mendy was at the Columbia adoption when we brought him back - Has she ever mentioned that I was crying when I unloaded him and led him into a pen, and was asked to remove his halter? Hell no, that would not suit her purpose!
Did she ever say that all but two of my horses were rehomed? Nope
Johnny was returned because I had to give up all but two horses, in order to return to Canada to get medical treatment. Now, in her defence, she doesn't know I have Multiple Sclerosis, COPD and severe arthritis, and the why of my return to Canada. Only a very small handful of people know the extent of my medical woes. Sorry, make that knew now that I've posted it.
Law forbids taking an untitled horse out of the United States, AND he wasn't mine anyway. Ron also sold off all but two horses because of my leaving. We had 13.... He's an over-the-road truck driver and just not able to take care of that many horses on his own. He even sold his beloved Jake, which he later regretted. I bought that horse back and placed him back in the pasture on the day I left for Canada - my parting gift to Ron. Ron couldn't keep Johnny, he wouldn't be able to give him the attention he'd need or get him started under saddle when he's only home maybe one weekend per month. He made the decision to return Johnny to the BLM, not me. It was no longer my decision to make. I wanted to leave his halter on so people would see that he was already gentled and make him more appealing to potential adopters. Gabby instructed me to remove it. Mendy was there to see all of this and knew she was getting a gentled mustang, and not the poor abused, worthless horse she posits him to be.

Mendy, people like you disgust me. People like you are the cause of the back-stabbing bullshit that goes on in Missouri when it comes to the Mustangs. People like you are the reason decent people like me gave up on foster and TIP horses. Don't think for one minute that I give you all the credit because I know you well enough to know you'd see it as "victory" of some sort in that twisted thing you call your mind. You and a few others are not in this for the good of the mustangs - you're in it for the attention it gets you and the money you think you make. I remember well how skinny Jack was and a few others you had at your "ranch". I remember what Wyoming looked like when Karen got/took him back from you, and I remember a few pictures you'd posted (and since removed) of Johnny after only a few months in your care - bedraggled, skinny, dull coat... That about sums it up for me.

Finally, I hope this post comes to your attention, you fat, two-faced, back-stabbing bitch!

And with that, I think I'm done with blogging. Don't need the stress of assholes taking little parts of a blog and twisting them to suit their own agendas.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your health issues & having to get rid of your horses. I read the blog drama with Mendy & at first felt sorry for her (being several states away). She seemed like a nice lady, with a nice family, trying to do the right thing for horses that were down on their luck.

    Then she went off the rails & readers saw the Mendy you are talking about. Raging super bitch that seemed to not only be pro-slaughter, but get excited at the prospect of killing horses. All the different profiles & started blogs, the "threats" to her family, the dramatic exits & returns. Crazy.

  2. The blog drama with Mendy & Fuglyblog-sending a "rescue" to slaughter, the Convoy "situation", all the unicorn alters...etc. people like Mendy are a boil on the backside of the horse industry. People like Mendy are why I'm wary about getting back into it-they are poison & take away the joy of having horses with their constant need for negative attention & drama.

    1. Apparently you know or know of Mendy. Although you've posted as Anonymous, I'd like to thank you for taking the time! She's quite the piece of work! Not too long ago I was talking to someone on Facebook about Johnny. Mendy was trying to give the horse away as a "companion". So much for her posts of how Johnny was the horse for a kid and both doing well, etc etc. The woman is so full of shit!